The suspension is one of the most vital safety areas of any automotive machine and when it is defective it can not only put undue pressure on other components such as tyres but also increase vibrations, in turn reducing the overall safety of your vehicle. At our workshop we specialize in suspension repairs on cars, bakkies, light trucks, SUV’s and 4x4 vehicles. We do a free check and quotation on any suspension related problems on your vehicle. We replace any suspension parts among other:  control arms, all suspension bushes, tie rod ends, rack ends, ball joints, cv joints, wheel bearings, hub, brakes, discs, pitman arm, idler arm, shock absorbers, shock mountings, steering racks, clutches, coil springs, stabilizer links, etc.  


We also do bending of caster, camber, toe in/ toe out, sub frames and straightening of chassis.